An inventive exploration of the visceral nature of sound and how we learned to capture and reproduce it over time. Anchored by the discovery of the phonograph by the brilliant-and deaf-inventor Thomas Edison, this visual and conceptual collage of rich archival footage and animation playfully traces the birth of technological reproduction and the beginnings of our modern, audio-drenched world. (Gisele Gordon, HotDocs Catalogue, 2008)

Selected Screenings: HotDocs, DOK Leipzig

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shooting format(s)/materials:
projection/exhibition formats: BetaSP, Digibeta, digital file to various specifications, All formats in NTSC or PAL
aspect ratio: 4:3
running time: 32 minutes @ 29.97 fps
sound: stereo, Dolby 5.1 mix available
Sound Design: Katie Quantz

Process work

Moving Image

Mr. Edison’s Ear

5:30 min. / hybrid-documentary, animation / DV, 16mm / 2007