In the Kingdom of Shadows┬ádocuments a paragraph being typeset on an early twentieth-century Ludlow Linecaster. The text is taken from Maxim Gorky’s 1896 review of the Lumiere Brothers’ film Arrival of the Train at La Ciotat (1895). As the words melt into a pool of lead, the alchemical magic of printing is linked to that of cinema.

Selected Screenings:
Experimenta (London International Film Festival), Signal and Noise, Ben Russell Gallery (Chicago), World Wide Short Film Festival

shooting format: 35mm, found-footage
projection formats: digital file, beta SP
aspect ratio: 16:9

Cinematography: Pasha Patriki
Sound Design: David Harris Smith
Location: Filmed at Trip Print Press courtesy of Nicholas Kennedy

the moment we are in by Kika Thorne
In the kingdom of shadows by Stephen Broomer


Moving Image

In the kingdom of shadows

5.30 minutes / experimental / 35mm and DV / 2007