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Retrato Oficial 2009
4:10 minutes / experimental documentary / found footage, DV / 2009
animates the dissimulation and reconstruction of the great liberator of Chile, 19th-century revolutionary and republican Bernardo O’Higgins, and the historical reach of the late-20th-century dictator Augusto Pinochet. Based in part on a conceit borrowed from Raul Ruiz’s essay “Images of Images” and original footage shot by Patricio Guzman on September 11, 1973, the short video is an exploration of the mediated image and the mnemonic possibilities of video and still image technologies.

Mr. Edison’s Ear
32 minutes / experimental documentary , animation /16mm, DV / 2008
An inventive exploration of the visceral nature of sound and how we learned to capture and reproduce it over time. Anchored by the discovery of the phonograph by the brilliant-and deaf-inventor Thomas Edison, this visual and conceptual collage of rich archival footage and animation playfully traces the birth of technological reproduction and the beginnings of our modern, audio-drenched world. [Gisele Gordon, HotDocs Catalogue, 2008]
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In the Kingdom of Shadows
5:30 minutes / experimental / 35mm, DV / 2007
“In the Kingdom of Shadows” documents a paragraph being typeset on an early twentieth-century Ludlow Linecaster. The text is taken from Maxim Gorky’s 1896 review of the Lumiere Brothers’ film “Arrival of the Train at La Ciotat” (1895). As the words melt into a pool of lead, the alchemical magic of printing is linked to that of cinema.

2:48 minutes / experimental / found footage, DV / 2003
A reworking of images of Princess Diana drawn from a CNN tribute called “The People’s Princess.” The isolated and manipulated images point to England’s colonial past and to the elusiveness of a media image.

5:00 minutes / experimental documentary / 16mm /2005
The visual poetics of Vancouver are brought to light as the filmmaker reflects on the cities she has lived in, motherhood and the birth of her first son.
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Cuentos de mi niñez, Tales from my childhood
9:00 minutes / documentary / 16mm / 1991
Moving house is hell when you’re a kid and even worse when you’re fleeing a violent coup. “Cuentos de mi niñez (Tales from my childhood)”, Duran’s witty and literate recollection of leaving Chile after Pinochet came to power, distills a lifetime of emotion into a few telling memories. [Cameron Bailey, Toronto International Film Festival Catalogue 1993]
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