Mr. Edison's Ear:


BOY (script)

newborn crying, nurses talking, hospital delivery room.
Newborn on scale. Title BOY scratched onto film.

East Hastings as viewed out front car window. Rain leaves trails, mutates the buildings, people, cars.—Optically printed
Sound—VO main (English)
Santiago Chile where I was born taught me to fear and to forget.
In London England I had my cheeks filled with English.
I learned that the rumble of Toronto streetcars can be conjured anywhere if you close your eyes and that a body of
water is always located to the south.
And in Vancouver my first son was born.
VO (secondary, layered and softly, Spanish and English)
Jacob F Carter Duran born May 17 1997 at 12:32am
Jacob F Carter Duran nacio el 17 de mayo del 1997 a las doce treinta y dos de la mañana
8lbs 9oz, 3.895kg

Burrard Street Bridge as seen through side window of moving car.
Sound—VO (secondary, layered and softly)
Peso tres mil ocho cientos noventa y cinco kilos
21 inches long
veinte y una pulgadas de largo
Nacio en Vancouver
Born in Vancouver
Presenciaron el nacimiento: mama papa abuela una amiga varias enfermeras 2 doctors
Present at the birth: mother father grandmother friend assorted nurses dos doctores
Born at full term after 23 hour labour
Extrasido por aspiracion
Vaccuum extraction
Rasgaduras para la madre
Catorce puntos cirurjicos
Fourteen stitches

VO main (Spanish + English)
No hubo nada insolito excepto al final tuvimos un hijo
There was nothing unusual about the birth except at the end we had a baby.

City lights, diffused and saturated—optically printed
Sound—VO main (English)
Like me Jacob will not remember the city he was born in except for a few fragmented memories he does not yet know he has formed
The sound of the ocean
The cradle of the mountains
A kindly face
A little crab that crawled along his father’s hand and then across the sand towards the sea.

Baby born—optically printed, slowed down
baby heartbeat (in-utero)

Hospital room—optically printed
CU baby—optically printed
diegetic—hospital room ambiance and conversation.

Jacob (toddler) approaches and reaches for camera—optically printed
Sound—VO main (English)
It is impossible to image to imagine what it would be like to envelop another person so completely into your life. It is impossible to imagine a time he did not exist.
Ambiance living room, voices.

End titles