Artist Statement

My moving-image artwork takes a critical view of social, political and cultural issues through the aperture of the archive: both familial and public.

I am interested in lost, irretrievable things. I am interested in the tactile qualities of media that are thought of as ephemeral. I seek to make visible, to give a graphical representation and physicality to what is perceived as invisible and intangible, for instance, light, sound and memory.

I am interested in the intersection points of re-collection, history and technology and exploring these within a framework that reveals the material and physical presence of the media/material I work with. I strive to locate and follow circuitous paths produced by the intersections of: the body, language and translation, popular culture, new technologies, old technologies, lost and abandoned technologies, archival films and recordings, personal stories, news stories, historical documents, politics, works of art.

I use a variety of digital and analogue media, processes and methodologies in the creation of my moving image work: photographs, film and digital video, hand drawing and digital illustration, analogue and digital found footage, downloaded images, texts and type, animation.

I take images and audio apart, and reassemble them.

I am interested in the act of looking, in documenting and in the results, pleasurable and painful, of looking and documenting. These formal and material experimentations act as metaphor for memory.